Why Catholic Church will not endorse any candidate in 2023

The Catholic Church has said it has chosen not to participate in partisan politics or endorse candidates seeking elective positions because its members belong to various political parties and the church should not be seen as taking sides.


The church said it has always encouraged its members to join political parties and play politics to bring about the good governance the country is yearning for.


Speaking during a media parley, organised by the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), the Priest in charge of Church and Society, Reverend Fr. Uche Obiechina said politics is about governance, and if we remember the establishment of states, it is about people coming together to volunteer their rights to established institutes.


He said the Catholic Church in Nigeria and the Catholic Church anywhere in the world support politics and encourage some members to play politics.


He however, pointed out that the Catholic Church does not play partisan politics, but the members of the church are expected to play party politics.


“The church as an institution ought not play party politics. Party politics means politics of APC, PDP, PRP and others, the church cannot play such politics because there are members of the church that are in the political parties, and she (the church) cannot identify with any political party, but identifies with her members in the various political parties.


“That is why the church cannot bring a candidate and tell its members to vote, the church does not do that and will not do that but the church will encourage its members to join politics and vote for any person of their choice provided such a candidate represents your conscience”, he explained


The Catholic Priest said the church is mobilising both Christians and non-Christians ahead of the 2023 general election to participate in politics and bring out the common good the country is yearning for.


“Ahead of the 2023 election, the church is mobilising Christians and nob-Christians to rise up to the reality of politics, it is through politics of governance that we can bring about the common good, and our country in dire need today because are having terrible politics apathy among good number of our Christians who say politics is a dirty game”, the clergy said.


He said if Christians continue to avoid politics because they say it is a dirty game, then the dirty people will continue to rule and the clean people will become victims of bad governance.


The National Director of Social Communications at the CSN, Reverend Fr. Michael Umoh informed in  this year’s Communications Week, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) have unanimously come up with a programme within the context of the celebration scheduled for May 22 to 29, 2022.


He told the journalists that the Catholic Church relies on their sustained support in all ways.


“in the coming elections, strive to ‘listen’ to the cries of Nigeria and Nigerians as you report. Shun misinformation and fake news. Shun sycophancy, rather, allow the voices of the poor to be heard”, he advised.





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