Uber launches UberMoto, a bike-hailing service, in Ibadan

Uber, a mobility service provider, has launched UberMoto, a two-wheeler alternative and smart mobility option, in Ibadan.

According to the company, UberMoto will help residents navigate traffic quicker and move from one place to another.

In a statement issued on Monday, Tope Akinwumi, Uber country manager, said the current product, UberMoto is an extension of the firm’s service to provide mobility solutions through trusted motorcycles (Okadas) in the city with safety, reliability, and convenience just a tap away.

He said residents of Ibadan can now travel around the city by requesting the motorcycles (Okadas) available on the Uber app, adding that it is less costly to use.

“It makes sense for us to launch a product that will help passengers get to their destination quicker, which is where we can leverage our technology, and we are excited to introduce UberMoto to make this a reality,” Akinwumi said.

“Launched as a low-cost alternative option, UberMoto’s minimum fare starts at NGN100 offering riders a 78 percent lower-cost alternative. The service is initially being launched in Ibadan, where Uber began operations in October 2021, with UberX.

“As we recover, we know we need to continue to offer solutions that respond to consumers who are looking for smart mobility solutions while providing new revenue streams and earning opportunities for drivers.”

Akinwumi said the features are the same on the app as it guarantees delivery at designated locations.

“UberMoto carries the same door-to-door safety features as any other Uber option such as Injury Protection, 24/7 support, including driver background checks and screenings,” Akinwumi said.

“To request a trip on UberMoto, riders need to simply open the app and tap on UberMoto, they can then select cash or card as their payment option. Riders will also be able to see whether others have had a good experience with the UberMoto drivers and will be able to contact each other via the app if there is any confusion around pick-up details.”(TheCable) 

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