The Many Blunders of Bola Ahmed Tinubu 

By Olawole Adeyemi
The increasing rumbling and desperation by Tinubu and members of his campaign team over clinching the APC presidential ticket is quite disturbing and to a large extent, a big embarrassment to someone of his calibre. BAT not only once again exposed the unstatesmanlike of his personality while in Ogun State, but he also divulged this desperation to win the presidential race by hook or by crook. Since his declaration to contest and subsequent campaign for the presidency, Tinubu has sent subtle threats and suggested along the line that he must be made president. He denigrates state governors like a class bully and questions their capabilities to clinch elective positions without his dollarama. Apparently disregarding the electorate in Lagos and the South West in a very repulsive way. Even one ardent disciple of his was quoted to have called his recent nuisances “utterly inappropriate and uncalled for”. Another striking exposition from his Ogun tour is his poor emotional intelligence and reckless loss of temper. Little wonder why, other politicians frightfully idle by and watch him toss Lagos State House, to whomever devotee that enjoys his momentary trust. Or better still a cede a senatorial district to his ill-tolerant wife for 3 terms consecutively.
Though it comes as no surprise to those who have been following Tinubu’s campaign closely, since declaring to contest in the 2023 elections, Jagaban has failed to articulate or highlight a single policy to advance the country. Rather, he has sustained emotional blackmail and childish antics to push his self-centered ambition, continually proving to Nigerians how unfit he is to become the next president. His comments about his readiness to fight dirty like a pig to become President is also a huge slap on democracy. Let alone his bold claim of singlehandedly imposing a president and now his turn to become one.
The not-so-almighty Jagaban bit more than permitted this time. The public disgust that his entitlement to the Presidency has received, should be a lesson to do or die politicians. Those days are over. Nigerians should find it frightening that this ill-sign could only reflect doom if he ever becomes our president The dissident Yoruba pro-national, he has always been finally re-surfaces. Should Asiwaju the Jagaban fail to clinch the primaries, I fear for an Igboho-styled agitation of monumental proportion. Given the mammoth resources hear-says have ascribed to his ill-acquired wealth status, I dare say, every Nigerian may need to run for their dear lives. Seeing that a seeming improbability at the primaries and he is set for World War III.
BAT should, however, know that word on the street says a man who sells his brothers will never earn the trust of that buyer. Jagaban’s aversion for Amotekun and his refusal to overtly berate the alleged Fulani attacks in the South West have earned him sore points with core Yoruba nationalists. Also, attempts to also portray him as a generous Nigerian patriot who isn’t drawn to ethnic or sectional sentiments have failed. At least the Igbos have a score to settle with him and berate him for being too ethnically sectional.
Why does Tinubu feel so entitled to the presidency? Has Nigeria become anyone’s birthright? Have things deteriorated so badly that a single Nigerian could strongly lay claim to its leadership? While bent on being the next occupier at Aso Villa, Tinubu should clear the air around the controversies surrounding his educational background and his date of birth. His health status is also being questioned. Earlier this year, Asiwaju the Jagaban in what could be referred to as a major sign of dementia stated that the current PVCs of Nigerian electorates have expired. After wide public scrutiny, BAT issued an unreserved apology for his statement. This without a doubt projected the man in a bad light as a 2023 presidential hopeful. Tinubu goofed again when he mixed NIPP for NIN. A development that further showcases the deteriorating capacity expected of a person with such ambition. Amid scares of Parkinson’s and a blunderous attempt at retracting his not so discreet slander, he should be more concerned about dusting his image as a President in waiting wanna-be. Nigerians have forgiven him for far too much for him to be anywhere so entitled.
This same fellow in the glare of over 20Million Lagosians had a bullion van of cash in his bourdillon home on elections day and the entire world I dare say still bears witness to this. Rather than attack all his muses for backstabbing him, he goes on a verbose rampage, exploiting sectional gimmicks to intimidate his President. That alone is a yardstick for disqualification if the APC wants to appear serious over its chances come February 2023. Viral videos of him wetting his underpants as well as the incoherent speeches should bother every concerned Nigerian and his party particularly. Nigeria’s current state which got worsened by the impact of COVID 19 and other political manuovers by world superpowers cannot be joggled with. What Nigeria needs is a leader without a protracted history of corruption as legacy. Our country needs someone that is physically fit and mentally stable to surmount its challenges effectively; not a cry baby like Tinubu who feels Aso Rock has become his souvenir or a thank you gift. The earlier reality dawns on him, the better.
From his outburst though, one can tell that this guy hasn’t learned a lesson and may not. Without rambling around my point, the man is just ill-prepared. Buhari sure knows more than most of us, particularly about BAT. A man who responds to questions about youth empowerment by saying “he will recruit 50 million youth into the Army”, is not only the joke of the century but an ill-prepared laughingstock. Yes, Tinubu is a well-known phony. Famous for imposing political appointees in various parts of the country and siphoning off their state coppers. His lack of policy propositions to make Nigeria better, only a directionless ambition to be the next president is not only sickening but an affront to our growing democracy. He should have been absorbed with identifying, grooming and enthroning would-be leaders. That was his greatest achievement after all aside from feeding omo ni iles in Lagos. His admirers view this latest move as a betrayal of how hallowed he seemed. Through this move, he is about to lose absolutely everything he coned for. He is being advised to be careful not only against losing the presidential ticket but his grip over Lagos as a whole.
Nigeria is much larger than one man. His campaign team needs to put him on a tight leash before he does more harm to his already dying political ambitions. The next leader for this country must never be imposed otherwise implosion awaits.
Olawole Adeyemi, is a a Public Commentor from Lagos.

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