Skitmaker Bae U finally responds to sex-for-skits allegation

Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi aka Isbae U has responded to allegations he demands sex from ladies before featuring them in his skits.

The Nation reports Isbae U became a subject of discussion, topping social media trends after a popular gossip mill on Instagram received and posted screenshots of allegations from the ladies who spoke about their various encounters with the skit maker.

But reacting on Monday on his Instagram page, he said: “I have learnt, I am learning, and I will do better, nevertheless, I say Alhamdulilah”

Sharing series of videos, he said: “I am here because of those that love me that I’ve let down, I have seen, and I have received every stone thrown at me. I am human, so are you. I’m not here to blame anyone for what’s happening but myself.

“I’ve been heartbroken, I’m weak. Immediately, after gistlover posted the whole stuff, I started getting unsent messages. I was like “what’s going on”, I thought people didn’t want to have anything to do with me.

“The next thing, she posted that a lady, that I spoilt her ex’s relationship and I was like what? I remember this girl clearly, she was a girl that leaves around my street on the mainland a very long time ago. I was new to all these, she came around. She had fun, we had sex.

“After all these, I pray and I hope that I go back to making more skits for people that think I’m funny and creative, and definitely to make everyone down, happy; to make those sad, joyous, and of course to make more money. I just want to make sikts please, and make contents.”

Isbae U also posted screenshots of conversations he had with the suspected blackmailer who leaked the video.

The suspected blackmailer had asked the Instagram sensation for money which he sent.(The Nation)

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