Passengers go spiritual, speak in tongues as aeroplane develops fault mid-air

According to reports, the plane was from Nigeria’s Owerri heading to Lagos when the fault was detected, causing fear and panic among the passengers.

Reports say the incident forced the aeroplane into an emergency landing in Port Harcourt.

A video of the heart-stopping incident was shared on Instagram by @instablog9ja and it shows the passengers praying fervently in unison to evoke God’s help to save their lives.

It is reported that the pilot chose to do the emergency landing following sounds of cracks that were heard from the aeroplane’s engines.

One of the passengers can be seen expressing disappointment, vowing never to board any aeroplane belonging to the airline in question because his life is precious to him.

The video has gone viral and attracted numerous reactions, with most people thanking God for saving the lives of the passengers who had a close shave with death.

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