Over 50% of seeds used in West Africa produced in Nigeria- NASC

The National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC) has said that Nigeria supplies more than 50 per cent of seeds used in west Africa.
 Dr Philip Ojo, Director General of the Council, made this known in Abuja during a road walk/march for quality seeds to mark the 2021 annual SEEDCONNECT Africa Conference and Exhibition.
The campaign which is targeted at promoting the use of improved quality seeds and other agriculture enhancing technology for productivity gains was led by the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Mohammad Abubakar.
Dr Ojo said Nigeria has gotten invitations from other countries in West Africa that are interested in studying its seed production system.
He said: “Other countries in West Africa are coming to learn what makes us big in seed production.
“We have gotten invitations from Cote d’ivoire, Sierra Leone and Gambia.
“Ghana will be coming with its delegation to come and study what we are doing here”, he said.
In his remark, the Minister urged Nigerians to adopt improved quality seeds for the country to be food secured.
He said planting of adulterated seeds will not only lead to poor yield, but hamper the country’s economic prosperity.
According to him, “Nigeria is the giant of Africa and it will continue to be, agriculture is the engine room of any economy, if you look around the world you will find out countries that are self-sufficient are the best.
“Planting of quality and improved seed is about the growth, development and our economic prosperity.
He however urged Nigerians not to buy seed without ‘SEED CODEX’, an electronic verification and authentication system introduced by NASC to enhance the efficiency of the seed certification.
He said: “We have a unit in the seed council that is concerned with making sure that good quality seed is sold, no ‘CODEX’ don’t buy.
“Let’s all be the ambassadors of the use of good quality improved seeds, let’s help the ministry police those that are trying to sell adulterated seeds”.
Source: Nigerian Tribune

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