My wife and I still have bullet in our bodies- El-Zakzaky

The leader of the Islamic movement of Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky has said fhat some bullet fragments is still in his body and that of his wife.
The Cleric disclosed this during a press conference in remembrance of the killings of his members in 2016.
“My wife have full bullet (lodged in her body) which they have been unable to remove here, and say they could not remove it; but experts from outside (the country) promise that they can do such. In addition to that, she has for the past five years- since July 2016, been chair bounded; she could only walk using wheelchair and she prays while sitting on a chair.
“And they know that very well she needs knee replacement (for her condition), which of course in this county if they make the knee replacement, a patient may take about three months before he could walk; but somewhere else it may take less than a week- after three days the patient could be able to walk.
“Myself, I have fragments of bullet which scattered all over the body and are secreting poison: lead, cadmium and other poisons. And with the recommendation of doctor’s here, including government own doctors, I need what they call ‘Chelation theraphy’ which will remove the poisons; but the fragments also have to be removed, which they (doctors here) say they can not remove these fragments because they are very tiny moving around the body”, he said.
He said they expected that at the time they were released, it will be a matter of week and they will be chanced to go out for medical attention.
“But up to now they (those in authority) have not allow us to do that. Of course, after about two months or so, I had my first interview with Press TV directly through Skype with their headquarter in Tehran which was aired, and of course so many press release which our people have been releasing from time to time giving you update about the issue of our passports, our health and so on. And you have done very well, thank you so much for airing all this and publicizing: both print and electronic media; they have all circulated all those things”, he said.
On Zaria Massacre in 2016, El-Zakzaky said “this is an occasion which we remember the Zaria massacre, which happened six years ago exactly. it happened on 12th, 13th and 14th of December 2015 – three days consecutively, the soldiers in the Nigerian army have cordoned Zaria town, all the roads leading to the town; and they carried systematic killing of people they consider unwanted; whatever name they gave us, at that time they were said to be clearing people they call “Shiites”.
In fact, in Gyallesu (my residence in Zaria) they were asking whomever they want to shoot; is he Shia? And the crowd will say yes, and they will fire! And if the crowd will say No, they would allow the person. So, clearly they were saying that they were destroying Shia once and for all.
“On 14th of the same month, they reach me and open fire on us: myself and my family, instantly killing three of my sons in front of me, and injuring both my wife and myself and some others who were with us.
“Luckily enough, for the wisdom of God, we don’t know why, but He so design that my wife and myself will survive a shooting that nobody can survive at all! God is able to do anything He wishes.
Furthermore, I he said” on 15th of December (exactly a day like this) they brought us to Abuja, first to the military hospital, and later at 12am midnight (that would be 16th of December) they change hospital from military hospital to DSS hospital for some time, and then they keep us in their custody for some years, and then they took us back to Kaduna (still in their custody); and finally they took us to prison, and as you all know, at the end of the day, the court found ourselves innocent and discharge and acquitted us in the same way three different courts have discharged and acquitted so many others who were arraigned before them for the same similar charges (as ours).
“I find that up till today, if I am reading some newspapers, they will say: El-Zakzaky and his wife were arrested following a clash between his followers and the Nigerian army when his people block the road on the day the chief of army staff was passing”.
“This matter was taken to court, they have accused some people of blocking the road, including ourselves- they say we instigated the blockage; and then about 153 others were all arraigned before different courts for the same charges; blocking the road, causing this and that, about eight charges- including the murder of a soldier”.
He said Islamic movement is a concept, and it is an idea. “Whoever is making a move to see Islam restores its glory is part of the Islamic movement whether he calls himself Islamic movement or not. And Islamic movement has no members, it has only active people- so a bitctivists (not members). Hopefully, I explain this clearly”, he added. (Nigerian Tribune)

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