Military submission to civil authority key to winning war against insecurity – Buratai 

The former Chief of Army Staff, and Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Republic of Benin,  Lt.Gen. Tukur Buratai has said that the ongoing insurgency in parts of the country can only be tackled when the military remains obedient to a democratic regime.
Buratai who acknowledged that he was controversial as the Chief of Army Staff ( COAS) noted that he was able to navigated through all the challenges,  due to overwhelming support accorded him by President Muhammadu Buhari,  as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.
Former COAS disclosed this in Abuja at a book launch, ” The great Exploits of Buratai ” written by Best Agbese in honour of Buratai.
He also noted that the ongoing war against insurgency and other criminal activities,  were an assymetric one, which also requires an assymetric approach.
He urged the current Chief of Army Staff to continue to uphold military civil obedience,  as a way to building Nigeria’s nascent democracy.
He said, ” Submissive position of the military to civil authority,  subordination to civil authority is key to the progress and development of the Military. The Military must continue to support the civil authority and carry out legitimate orders and others, and this is the way forward for us.
 ” Asymmetric war can only be countered through  asymmetric approach, surely the counter insurgency in Nigeria requires more than the conventional approach.
” Prof. Udenta did state and  rightly that Buratai is a consequential figure, but  also a controversial, this is right. I thought that when I was appointed Chief of Army Staff by President Buhari in 2015.  I thought I would be the least controversial of Army Chief of staff,  because I read how controversies were made an issue about my predecessors,  I said no, this time around I am determined to be less controversial,  but unfortunately,  it turned out to be a different thing, and off course,  more controversial”.
Also speaking,  the Governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello said the insecurity across the country was largely motivated by politicians, and that patriotism and sacrifice were required to overcome it.
Bello who applauded the sterling leadership qualities to Buratai,  also acknowledged that he was challenged by protracted insecurity when he assumed office, but were able to tackle it with the cooperation of the military.
Bello further called on the military to remain focused in order to overcome the protracted insecurity in the country.
” Nigeria is facing politically motivated insecurity, because while efforts are being made to tackle it, opposition parties will be celebrating it on the media.
” We must be focused, or even if we have angels, we won’t move away from the current challenges facing the country”

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