Man set wife ablaze in Ondo

A 50-year-old man, Daniyan Ojo has reportedly set his wife, Dorcas ablaze in their residence in Irese road in Shagari Village, Akure, Ondo.

The suspects allegedly locked his wife in her room and set the house on fire. She gave up the ghost 72 hours after she was given medical aid, reports Vanguard.

A family source told the publication the man carried out the act because the deceased bought a property without telling him.

The accused, who is on trial before an Akure High Court, denied the allegation brought against him.

However, the prosecution led by H.M Falowo revealed that the charges against the defendant are arson, murder and disabling to commit a felony.

A witness close to the family, Ajayi Ajiboye also told the court that he heard the deceased crying out for help during the incident.

He said: when I got to the compound, l discovered that her room was on fire and I forcefully broke the door with my leg.”

“The following morning, landlords in the neighbourhood came to the house and discovered empty bottles of petroleum products scattered under the victim’s bed positioned at strategic corners of the room.”

The brother of the deceased also stated that the defendant reported his sister to him that she bought three plots of land and registered it in her name.

He further revealed that his sister confided in him that she bought the land in her name because she was afraid her husband would sell it off without her consent.

He said that he resolved the issue and went back to his base, but later got a call about the fire hazard.

“It took the intervention of the police to effect the arrest of the defendant having absconded immediately after the incident occurred.”

The deceased daughter also confirmed that their father prepared dinner and told them he was going to get fuel.

“I woke up briefly when my mother came back from her trip but later went back to sleep. It was the noise of the car that took my mother to the hospital that woke me up.”

Inspector Bayo Adaran testified that the case of arson and murder was transferred to State CID for further discreet investigation.(Emergency Digest)

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