‘It’s Either Igbo Produce The Next President Or Be Allowed To Exit Nigeria’

A group known as Equity Movement Turn by Turn has stated that South East would likely exit Nigeria , if an Igbo man does not succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

The group appealed to all former and present leaders of the country not to allow the next Nigeria’s President to elude the Igbo.

According to the group, there are obvious signs that Igbo are most likely to take their exit, if not allowed their turn in 2023.

Daily Trust reports that the group said If Nigerians cannot trust the Igbo , they should allow them to go in the best interest of the country .

In a statement signed by the national chairman of the group, Hon Gaius Ezeh, the director of Western Region, Oluwatuase Kolawole; director, Eastern Region, Hon Dan Ejianya and director, Northern Region, Ahmed Tukur, the group said that for peace and stability of the country ,an Igbo man must emerge as the next president of the country.

According to the group ,after the Igbo man becoming the president , the position could be zoned to North East or North Central.

The group further argued that the idea of creating six geo -political zones in the country was to ensure that the office of Nigeria President rotates among the six geo-political zones of Nigeria.

It recalled that the zoning arrangement was spearheaded at a national conference by late Dr Alex Ekwueme, the former Vice President of Nigeria to ensure that no section of the country was marginalized.

“All the registered political parties entrenched the zoning arrangement in their party constitutions and commenced sharing political offices in the spirit of the six regional zoning arrangement.”

“Now, it seems that our politicians have started the game of winner takes all with outright marginalization of some zones from having the opportunity to produce the President of Nigeria.”

“It was in the spirit of this that Equity Movement Turn by Turn came on board as a pressure group to remind politicians that Nigeria belongs to all of us and for Nigeria to have peace and unity, the principles of equity, justice and fair play must be observed by ensuring that political offices rotate, first among the six geopolitical zones, ” the group insisted.

The group also said, it participated in the discussions for the zoning of gubernatorial seat in Anambra State and achieved one hundred percent success in its efforts and had resolved to replicate same comes 2023 to ensure that an Igboman succeeded President Muhammadu Buhari.

The statement explained that the main objective of the group was to ensure unity of Nigeria and its various units by urging political parties to consider zones that have not yet had the opportunity of occupying various relevant positions, to be given the chance.

Daily Trust 

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