Expert blames inflation, multiple demands, pandemic on food shortage

An international agriculture expert, Kwaw Andam, says high inflation rates arising from multiple demand and supply, is responsible for the high level of poverty in the country.

Andam, who is the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Programme Leader in Nigeria, made the assertion in a statement in Abuja.

He added that the poverty level of the people had become more compounded by pandemic restrictions in the country.

According to Andam, these restrictions have also made food less affordable to the citizenry.

He said that the escalating climate impacts and insecurity had continued to put pressure on agriculture and food chains.

Andam said that there was need to transform Nigeria’s food systems and agriculture in particular to be crisis-resilient and environmentally sustainable

He added that it was also necessary for the food system to be vibrant generators of jobs and wealth, and providers of healthy diets for all to address these problems.

“As we outline in a new policy brief from the International Food Policy Institute, this will require a paradigm shift that puts consumers and their diets at the center of policy making.

“It includes agricultural policy that focuses on traditional objectives like farmer support, staple food availability and price stability.

“Also, cash-crop export stimulation should be balanced with a new focus on better nutrition and health for all people,” Andam said. (NAN)

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