Don’t take Ugwuanyi’s peaceful disposition for granted, group caution Nkanu Assembly 

A political support group, under the aegis of Nsukka Forum for Fairness and Equity (NFFE), has expressed concern over the unguarded utterances against Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi by some persons under the name of  Nkanu Peoples Aasembly
The group in a statement signed by its Coordinator, Obetta O Obetta warned Nkanu Assembly promoters  not to misconstrue Governor Ugwuanyi’s peaceful disposition to cowardice.
Obetta further warned that the subtle attempt to intimidate, blackmail and railroad his excellency into anointing their preferred candidate should be discontinued.
He reminded the Nkanu Assembly to understand that enugu east comprise of not just Nkanu indigenous people but isi – uzo, Nike, Ngwo and many stranger elements who also have a stake in the peaceful and democratic development of the state.
In their words: “The Nkanu nation are not the only indegenes of Enugu East Senatorial District, and therefore, they should allow the governor the right to exercise his responsibilities  including exercising influence over who  becomes  his successor from Enugu East, in accordance with the zoning arrangement.
It further said, “Nkanu nation’s desperation to produce the next governor of the state in line with the existing zoning has driven them into appropriating the powers of the Governor to anoint his successor. How can a group under the platform of Nkanu People’s Assembly brag that nobody in the state including the Executive Governor, can decide the local government in Enugu East that will produce the next governor of the state.
“Nkanu Peoples Assembly should stop the double speak. It is on record that all the stakeholders in Enugu State, including the Nkanu nation unanimously agreed to support any aspirant that the Governor brings forward as his successor in line with the existing privilege accorded governors serving out their term to anoint their successor. Chimaroke anointed Sulivan Chime from Enugu West and Chime succeeded Chimaroke. Sulivan Chime on completion of his tenure anointed Rt. Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, from Enugu North Senatorial District and Ugwuanyi succeeded Chime. Now that he is rounding up his second term, it is normal that he should also be allowed to anoint his successor in line with this established tradition. Unfortunately, some people out of desperation is attempting to appropriate this powers”.
In a Public Announcement by Nkanu People’s Assembly, which was jointly signed by Igwe Abel Nwobodo, Prof. Osita Nnamani Ogbu and three others said: “The Nkanu People’s Assembly states that it is not the responsibility of Nsukka General Assembly or any other body outside Enugu East Zone to involve in micro zoning and decision of who becomes the next governor of Enugu State. Each of the six local government areas can exhibit why the Governor should come the local government area. The six local government can cooperate and agree on which local government areas to provide the next governor”.
“This is nothing but expropriating the governor’s privileges and powers as already established in the state by his predecessors.” Nsukka Forum for Fairness and Equity said.

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