CSO plans nationwide protest over fuel, electricity price hike

A Civil Society Organisations People’s Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M) has said it would stage a nationwide protest to reject the hike in the prices of cooking gas, electricity tariff and the impending hike in the price of fuel.
Addressing journalists recently in Abuja, at a lecture with the theme; 10 Years After Occupy Nigeria, What Is The Way Forward?, Comrade Jaye Gaskiya from TPAP-M secretariat said Nigerians cannot and must not be punished for the failures and incompetence of the ruling class.
He said Nigerian cannot suffer because of the incompetence of the present administration to ensure access to affordable energy and adequate security and protection.
“We serve notice that we shall organise and mobilise Nigerians from all works of life to resist further hardships in general, and the hikes in gas, fuel and electricity prices in particular.
“Towards this end, the peoples alternative political movement (TPAP-M) and her Allies are reaching out to other like-minded organisations, and linking up with similar minded individuals to build a mass base for a massive popular resistance beginning during January 2022.
“TPAP-M and her allies will organise a week of mobilisations and awareness raising from Monday, 17th of January, culminating in Mass Rallies and Processions to deliver Protest letters and our demands on Friday, 21st of 2022.
“TPAP-M and her Allies welcome the decision by labour to Resist these price Hikes in the energy sector; and we are through our Central Coordinating Committee already exploring the potential for collaboration between our respective platforms.
“Towards this end we shall participate in, and urge support of all Nigerians the Mass Protests called by Labour for the 27th of January and 1st of February, 2022.
“In similar vein, we call on labour to join in and support our projected activities, in particular through the week of mobilisations, culminating in Mass Rallies and Processions across the country on Friday, 21st of January, 2022; and as to join in convening the National Lecture to commemorate 10 years since Occupy Nigeria (January Uprising) of 2012, with a view to reflecting on the power of solidarity for our movement and drawing appropriate lessons for our struggle.
“That in view of the above, an expanded Coordinating Committee to wage the struggle against Hikes in Energy Prices has been constituted, and has already started functioning”, Comrade Gaskiya said.

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