Al-Habibiyyah urges Muslim women to shun indecent dressing, wear hijab

The Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society has urged Muslim women to shun all forms of indecent dressing and embrace the use of hijab in obedience to the commandment of the Almighty Allah.

The Ameerah of the society, Mrs Rakiya Ilyasu, gave the advice at a roundtable to commemorate the 2022 World Hijab Day, held at the main Auditorium of Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Centre, on Saturday in Abuja.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the theme of the roundabout was,” Dressed Not Oppressed.”

Mrs Ilyasu also encouraged young girls and women to wear hijab, in spite of the alleged negative attitude towards them.

“In other to bring the message to the grassroots, the Women of Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society thought it necessary to commemorate the day by raising awareness.

“The objective of this gathering is to foster global religious tolerance and understanding through awareness. Many women get discriminated simply because they choose to wear the hijab.

“Hopefully, this event will make people realize that women who wear the hijab are just like anyone else. They are not oppressed or are forced to wear it.

“They just want to follow their faith by being modest, just like Mary (mother of Jesus). The hijab is my identity my way of life and I am happy to wear it,” Ilyasu said.

While delivering a lecture titled,” Hijab in Islam: Choice or Obligation?” An Islamic Therapist, Halima Sanni, said it is an obligation for every Muslim woman wear hijab.

According to her, there are several verses in the holy Qur’an that mandates Muslim women to wear the hijab.

She, therefore, enjoined Muslim women to avoid exposing or displaying their ornament to an illegitimate persons except their husbands, sons and sisters in Islam.

Earlier, Sheik Imam Fuad Adeyemi, who joined the roundabout virtually, said wearing the hijab is not a punishment but an honour that the Almighty Allah placed on the Muslim female gender.

“One thing is certain – if a woman is properly dressed even if she is not responsible, the whole world will respect her and if a woman dresses irresponsibly even if she is a queen of the entire world she will not be respected.”

NAN reports that the highpoint of the event was the distribution of free hijab to many Muslim women who graced the occasion from far and wide. (NAN)

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