2023: Yahaya Bello Presidency will ensure more women in governance- women Groups

Women Groups under the Auspices of Women United for Yahaya Bello have rallied support for the Kogi State Governor ahead of the 2023 Presidential Election.
The women said that with how Governor Bello included women in governance in Kogi State, there is an assurance that if he becomes the President of Nigeria, he would include more women in governance.
Speaking at a one million march for Yahaya Bello, one of the leaders of the group, Comrade Abiodun Ozurumba said the Kogi State Governor would include more skilled and competent women in governance if elected as President in 2023.
“We are so happy that after so long a Nigerian man has decided to include women in these functions, he has decided to engage women in his cabinet, and we now have 35 per cent derivative that we have been asking for in this government.
“This is why we are saying that we need Governor Yahaya Bello to lead Nigeria, if only he can look at skilled women, he can look at women that are competent and put them in decision making positions, this is part of why we are here.
“We are asking him to remain steadfast, there is the need for him to keep doing what he started already, and wed are all here to encourage him because no matter how much you are doing especially in Nigeria, you still have people with side talks.
“So, we women are gathered here to encourage him not to stop, to continue to include women in governance, and you can see that his government is doing well, where women are, there is orderliness.
A Nollywood Legend, Binta Ayo Mogaji said it is time for women to get over 35 per cent inclusion in governance.
She said it is time for women to become the Vice President, Senate President or Speaker House of Representatives.
“We are here today for the one million march in Nigeria, we are trying to advocate for over 35 per cent inclusion of women in governance, and we know in this country that there is only one governor who has done that so far and that is Yahaya Bello of Kogi State.
“We women want to do great things in life, and if we are not given the chance, how can we know how great we are. So we are advocating for women in Nigeria to support women to get to high places, like people say, behind every successful man, there is a woman, so behind every successful woman, there will be a man.
“Why can’t we have a female vice president in Nigeria, why can’t we have a female Speaker House of Representative in Nigeria, or a female Senate President, this is what I personally is advocating for, so whoever supports women, I support the person”, she said.
Dupe Jayesimi, another woman leader, said “I want our women to come out and support Yahaya Bello, he is the only person I am seeing that can do what we want for us, we women should support him more than what he expects”.
Ishyaku Fati, from Ebira Political Forum said Governor Yahaya Bello had done well in the area of security and inclusion of women in governance and should be given an opportunity to replicate the achievement at the Federal Level.
“We are here today to organise our women to tell them the reality of life, we are here to tell our women that come 2023, they should come out and vote Yahaya Bello, because he is the only youth that we see that can deliver. He is the youngest governor among the 36 state governors, he is the only governor that remembers women.
“He has done well in the area of security in Kogi state, because we can sleep with our eyes closed in the state now. We are pleading with Yahaya Bello to continuing putting women in strategic position when he becomes the president in 2023”, she noted

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