2023: Professor Imumolen joins presidential race

An educationist, Professor Christopher Imumolen has declared interest to contest the presidency in the 2023 general election. 

Professor Imumolen who has three universities in Africa, South America and North America made his intention to contest for presidency during the week in Abuja.

While declaring his intention, Professor Imumolen said Nigeria deserves and truly wants a new form of leader.

He said the country wants a new breed of leadership that can take it to where it ought to be, noting that Nigeria has suffered immensely since 1960 as a nation.

“I have travelled to all the states of the federation, and I can tell you that we have all it takes to restructure and make this country a better place, but what we need is a leader who has the heart of the people, who is ready to sacrifice all ensure that Nigeria is placed back on the map of the world.

“Over the years, I have been able to support over 600,000 people with discounted and scholarship education, can you imagine what such a person will do if he becomes the President of the Nigeria”, he said.

Hinting on how he will revamp the economy, Professor Imumolen said the investment policies in the country need to be rejigged in order to attract investors.

“We understand that many of the industry and the sector in Nigeria are being monopolised, so, one of the things we are going to do is to rejig the investment policies in Nigeria to encourage investors.

“The truth is that investors are the drivers of the economy, we now live in a country where even Nigerians are afraid to invest in the country because we have a very bad business environment for investment”, he noted.

On security, he said he would fight the root cause of insurgency and uprising across the country in order to achieve relative peace.

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